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It all depends on the scope and expectations of your project. If you’re handling your own design projects but maybe need a qualified eye to review and make suggestions, your most cost effective solution would be to book in a 90 minute consultation which is $350. More hands on and elaborate projects requiring architectural drawings will be a more involved design process and although design is a very bespoke service, you’re best estimate of design fees would roughly be about 10% of your overall project fee.

At the very start! The earlier we’re engaged, the better! Being an interior design studio that focuses more on interior architecture, we often fluidly work alongside builders, engineers, and architects.

Because we are not the same! Often furniture stores and cabinet-makers offer design services for a fraction of my cost or at the very least, free. These companies absorb those “free” costs in whatever you are buying though with off-the-shelf products and little aftercare service or involvement whereas I offer an ongoing, bespoke service that comes with 14+ years experience in the industry.

If you’re on a tight-budget, there’s nothing wrong with these services but you will not get the custom service and on-going support that you’d get by hiring your own qualified designer who gets to know your family and lifestyle and will point you to the right products.

Sure is! I’ve been a retail designer since the end of 2016 and have relationships with the majority of landlords around Perth.

Yes, I am fully insured for my services

Short answer is no. I select products that correspond with the design I come up with and then it’s put into a schedule for the project builder or supervisor to order on your behalf.

Furniture and accessories can be purchased on your behalf and you would be quoted a “procurement fee” if this was a service you are interested

Let’s have a chat about this further. Every once in a while I’ll take on a furnishing project but if I can’t help, I can offer up some suggestions of other local design legends that would be able to.

Each project is different so this is just a copulation of the most asked questions and answers I tend to receive. Specific projects requirements should always be discussed between designer and client and fee proposals are issued based on the scope of work. Always happy to talk design so please reach out if you have specific questions or questions I haven’t addressed here already.


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